Fundraising using the internet has been around for quite some time, with the first incidence of modern crowdfunding taking place in 1997 when British rock band Marillion raised money from their fans to fund their US tour. Shortly after that, JustGiving launched during 2000. Crowdfunding entails soliciting many small amounts of money from a defined group of people known as your crowd.

Crowdfunding has seen exponential growth over the past decade and is expected to exceed traditional venture capital in terms of capital raised in the near future. However, while crowdfunding is seeing massive success, the model is broken. There are several problems within the industry that need to be addressed.

XseedR is not simply another crowdfunding start-up or platform attempting to ride the wave of a fast-growing industry. We’re building something entirely unique, designed from the ground up to address fundamental problems within fundraising.

XseedR is poised to become the most disruptive fundraising ecosystem for the global financial world.

” When funders and investors can hold the project team accountable without having to trust them, the founders’ reputation doesn’t matter; only their capabilities and actions do.”

Shane Liddell – Founder

A Worldclass Leading Edge Technology Platform

The World’s First Fundraising-as-a-Service (FaaS) Ecosystem

We take functionality and platform security really seriously. This is why we’re building XseedR alongside some of the worlds best brains in the business.

Technology advances so quickly these days but we’re committed to giving you a leading edge technology platform, equiped with everything you need to take your startup where you want it to go.

Our blockchain based transaction engine allows us to bring complete transaprency for all. And, together with our full suite of fundraising tools and services, you have no reason to go anywhere else

Everything a Fundraiser Needs

XseedR is an entire fundraising ecosystem whereby startups can get everything they need under one umbrella.


Those raising funds from within our ecosystem should be accountable. Backers and investors must feel secure. This is why we have integrated controls and procedures to facilitate a fair and open method of fundraising for all. 


Through the use of innovative Blockchain and Smart Contract solutions, we are able to provide a fully transparent solution whereby those raising funding and those supporting them can clearly see what is happening with the funds raised. 


We understand that raising capital is no easy feat. Having access to specialized expertise is paramount to your success. Carefully selected securities attorneys, accountants, marketers, videographers and other providers will reside here

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